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Report 8 on Linux Course

System monitoring

Report 6 on my Linux course - Some more Python Flask

This week there's some more Python flask with a more complicated application

Report 5 on Linux course - Developing Python Flask apps on Linux

This week our assignment was to play around with Python Flask and making deployment ready version of the application

Report 4 - Deploying Spring application with TomCat

This is my report on the fourth exercise on my schools Linux server course

Setting up Node JS backend on a Ubuntu droplet on Digital Ocean pt.1

I'm going to be setting up a fresh installation of Ubuntu along with setup for a Node JS back-end for a map based team project. In this part I will be going through the initial setup of a fresh Ubuntu 18.4 installation on a droplet.

Report 3 - Linux Course

This is my 3rd report on me Linux course

Report 2 on my Linux course

My second report on my Haaga-Helias LInux course


Concept of abstraction and it's use in software development and everyday life

Beginner courses on machine learning

Disclaimer: This is just my take on a couple of beginner courses offered on ML, not an expert. If you see any typos or errors in my post, feel free to comment.

Hello blog

First blog post.