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Sept. 21, 2019

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First blog post.

There’s a couple of reasons for me starting this blog and I try to be as transparent about the reasons as possible.

My current coding progress

I started coding in the beginning of 2018 with the free software development course offered by the University of Helsinki (https://ohjelmointi-19.mooc.fi). After that I applied to Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences in the spring and started my school in the autumn of 2018. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve started that journey and I really feel I’ve learned a lot by now even though I still view myself as newbie in the software development industry.

Coding related courses I’m taking this semester in School

I’ve also on my free time ran through numerous free and paid online courses and also currently studying a couple more.

All these additional courses that are not my school I’m not doing for the credits but instead just to learn, I’ve really found out that the courses from Helsinki University are fucking amazing and would really recommend anyone wanting to learn programming or to just brush out on coding skills to check out the free courses offered by the university: https://www.mooc.fi. They also offer most of the courses on english language which is pretty amazing in my opinion.

I also have ALOT of different material, books and courses on my back burner that I need to go through once I’ve finished these courses. The problem with doing and studying so much at once is the fact that you might easily become discouraged or end up in analysis paralysis. That’s something that’s actually pretty huge thing in everyones learning journey, but the more you do it the more you gain expertise in managing your own time and prioritising the content that gives you the most value for your time. I’m also a huge believer in compounding interest when it comes to learning. So by just taking even small actions every day you’re going to end up way ahead in the future in your own learning and expertise. So just embrace the hustle!

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