Report 2 on my Linux course

Feb. 4, 2020

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My second report on my Haaga-Helias LInux course

I'm still running Linux on my Virtual Box Xubuntu install on MacBook Pro so the hardware is littlebit different. here.

Exercise a) Causing 2 different log events, one succesfull and one unsuccesful

Here I ran the command 'log tail -f apt history' on folder /var/log/apt/

This is the result on shell from the succesfull installation of an application with command 'sudo apt-get install filezilla'

Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 9.13.22.png

Next I tried to cause an unsuccesful log event which in this case was tailing the syslog.

Here I ran into problems, because I tried to cause an error on the log with command 'ssh foo@' and I'd imagine this error would also show up in the log, but for some reason my log only had around 10 lines and it seemed it was not logging everything. This could also be because of me using Linux on an virtual environment.

Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 9.36.52.png

From what I understand this syslog should have a lot more log events but was not showing here for some reason.

Exercise b) Installing SSH -daemon

Here we were given three choices of installing either ssh-copy-id, sshfs, scp or git. I'm little unsure still on what excatly is an ssh-daemon, SSH is the secure protocol I've used for connecting to external server but the term daemon is littlebit unfamiliar still.

Exercise c) Installing multiple application with apt-get -command

It's possible to also install multiple application with command by simply writing 'sudo apt-get install x y z' on the shell.

In this case I used a command 'sudo apt-get install filezilla git gimp' which contains three softwares that are gonna be useful.

Filezilla is used for connecting to external server for example when needing to upload files such as images and I've used it before when installing wordpress on external ubuntu.

Git is the version-control system created by Linus Torvalds I use pretty extensively on my projects, mostly I know the basic commands from this.

Gimp is ofcourse the best free photo editing tool I usually install if I need to do some easy photo editing and don't have access/license to Photoshop.

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