Here is a list of my current personal & school -related projects I'm working on actively.

Isma - A map based webapp built on React JS, that shows current service notifications of the city that are posted by users. I also use data here from Helsinki city's open311 -api to gather the data.

MapFox - Current team project in school. A map based React JS application. The current requirement for this application is the ability to create event's with different locations. Think about application for creating bar crawl events on map and then sharing those events with other people. Of course this thing is probably going to take a different direction at some point as we're still in the beginning phases.

FakeBox - A simple cloudstorage application built on Java Spring framework that is in working condition right now. I've been thinking of making this webapp a mockup SAAS application with working payment payment processing.

Also this blog is also a project in it's own right. This blog is built on Django Wagtail CMS and deployed on digital ocean on a Ubuntu 18.04 installation along with Nginx as the server.